Registering with Alofany and My Account

Q: From where can I log in to My Account?

A: On our home page at the top right corner you will see the option of “Sign In / Register”. Click on it and you will be guided to the “log in” page.

Q: From the My Account section, where can I check my order status?

A: After login in to your account, on the left side of the page you can see the option of Orders. Click on it and you will see the list of orders you have made with us. You can then click to the specific order and see its status.

Q: I am unable to log in to My Account. Please help.

A: Please take a screen shot of the error message and send it across through an email. We will look into the issue.

Q: How can I register with Alofany?

A: You can become a part of Alofany family in one simple step. You need to click on “Sign In / Register” option on the top right corner of our website and provide us with some of your basic information.

Q: How will I know whether I am registered with you or not?

A: We will send you automated email confirming that you are registered with us along with your login ID and password.

Q: What do I do if I have forgotten my password or my password does not work?

A: If you have forgotten your password or it does not work for some reason, the first step we recommend is to try the Forgot Password link to generate a new password. If this new password doesn’t work, please contact Customer Support.
Placing an Order

Q: Do I need to type my address every time I order?

A:For registered users we offer the facility to retrieve saved addresses. For all new customers, we send the login password to the email address provided at the time of registration. Once you have ordered with us, your shipping address is saved in your My Account section. While placing any subsequent order, simply enter your email and password to use this saved address. You can also login to the My Account section to manage your saved addresses.

Q: How do I place an order?

A:You may follow the following steps to place an order:
1) Select the desirable item (as fabric or as customizable)
2) Add the item to Shopping bag
3) Click Proceed to checkout option
4) Login with your account details or proceed as guest
5) Enter the shipping address and select a payment mode to proceed with the payment.
6) Click Place order and complete the payment.
7) On successful order placement the Order ID will be generated.

Q: I am unable to download your item pages. Every time I try to open this item, a pop up box appears. Please help!

A:There might be some problem with your system cookies. We request you to please delete stored cookies from your system and try again. It should sort out the problem.

Q: How will my order be delivered to me?

A: We at Alofany deliver orders through reputed courier companies and can deliver in India and abroad.

Q: How will I know if order is placed successfully?

A:Once your order is successfully placed you will receive a confirmation email from us. You can also login to the My Account section and check the status of your order.

Q: Do you take orders over phone?

A:At present we do not take orders over phone. Would request you to place the order through our website.

Q: Do you allow exchanges?

A: We do not allow exchanges.

Q: Can I add an item after I have placed my order?

A: Request you to place a fresh order for the item you choose to purchase.

Q: How do I check the current status of my orders?

A:Checking your order status is very easy. You need to log in to the My Account section and click the Orders tab. The order, and item, status will be available there.

Q: In My Account I can see all the items with different status, what does it mean?

A: This indicates that the item is in process in our workshop and will be shipped soon.

Q: How will I know when my order is shipped?

A: You will receive an auto-generated email from us with details of the item which has been shipped along with the tracking details. You can also track your order here.

Q: Can I receive my order early even if the time to ship is 21 days?

A: For priority requests, we can try for it. But we cannot assure that we can make the delivery as per your request.

Q: Why is my order showing the status as “Awaiting Confirmation”?

A: The status indicates that there is a confirmation required from you for the item. You will receive an email from our customer service team with the list of all details required from you.

Q: I want a part of my order to be shipped in US and the other in India. Is it possible?

A: Due to differences in Shipping Costs, we cannot ship items from one order to two shipping addresses. IF you need delivery at two locations, we request you to place two orders.

Q: Will the out of stock item be available again?

A: Once an item is out of stock there is no certainty to provide that item in future on bulk demand request we can try for that otherwise you can check the similar items available on the website.

Q: How can I place an order of an item in multiple pieces?

A: All you need to do is provide us the item code and the required number through an email so that we can check and inform you about the availability.

Q: Do I need to register to shop?

A: No, you don’t have to be a registered user of Alofany to shop with us. However, being a registered user helps with faster checkouts and personalized recommendations. Keeping the many benefits of registration in mind, we have made registration very simple. While completing an order all you have to do is choose the Guest Checkout option and we will register your email and send you the My Account password.

Q: Price of my ordered item has gone down / is now on sale after placing the order?

A: For all items we offer the best value to our customers. In this case, it might happen due to various factors like high demand of the item or low cost of the raw material.

Q: Do you provide any discount, other websites provides a lot of discounts?

A: We offer our products at a very reasonable price and we do not practice discounts on our regular range. If you want to purchase our items in a bulk then kindly let us know the item codes and the exact quantity so that we can check and advise you accordingly.
Payments & Security

Q: I have made the payments but its showing as “Authorization Fail”. How do I proceed further?

A: Your payment may have failed due to some technical error while performing the transactions. We’d suggest you to try a different Card for payment or contact your respective bank.

Q: I have been charged twice from my account

A: This may have happened due to some technical error while performing the transactions. Write back to us with your payment details for Refund and we will initiate the same with our payment gateway integrator.

Q: I have tried to make the payment number of times but I am receiving an error message and unable to complete it. Why?

A: If your payment is not completed successfully through the Gateway used, please try to make it using another Gateway by deleting the cookies from your system. However, if the issue persists please send us the error message which you are getting while trying to complete the payment and we will forward to the concern department for further assistance.

Q: What are the different modes of payment that I can opt?

A: We accept payments through:
i) Credit Cards: Visa/Master Card/American Express
ii) Debit Card
iii) PayPal Account Transfer
iv) Net Banking

For more details, please check Payment Options.

Q: Can I pay for my order partially?

A: Partial payment is not applicable. To complete your order you need to make a full payment.

Q: Is it safe to give my credit card details over the internet?

A: We do not seek any credit card information from our customers through e-mails, phone calls or in any other way. Also, we suggest you to please do not share it with anyone. However, for the interest of those customers who are making online payment, we are using special credit card security technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This encrypts your credit card number so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. All your credit card details which you fill online for making payment on our website directly goes to the issuer bank. For more details, please check Credit Card

Q: Will my credit card number be kept confidential?

A: Your credit card or any other bank details do not come to us but to the credit card company directly for the payment approval directed by Gateway Interface. Hence, your bank details stay confidential.

Q: What about the privacy of the customer information?

A: Alofany is using latest data encryption technology to ensure that your account information is not available to outside resources. Also we never authorize our customer’s information to any third party. We consider that the privacy of our customer is extremely important to us. We are in the business of serving you and not selling the information of the customers. Your name, address and other information’s are collected only to attend your order.

Q: During the payment process why my credit card been rejected?

A: This may happen due to the following reasons:
I) Incorrect details of Credit Card.
ii) Credit Card declined from Credit Card Company/Bank.
iii) Crossed Excess Credit limit available on your Credit Card.
iv) Credit Card Company doesn’t allow Overseas transactions.
v) Mismatch of Shipping & Billing address. For further assistance, please contact your respective bank.

Q: Which credit and debit card do you accept?

A: In case of Credit Card payment, we accept Visa/Master Card /American Express cards and all eligible debit cards in India.

Q: Can I change my payment option in the Order placed?

A: You can change the mode of payment only before it has been made. Once payment completed and approved by us, it cannot be changed.

Q: What are Cross Border Fees or International Transaction Fees?

A: An international Transaction fee is not charged by us. The same is charged by the respective bank of your credit or debit card. Cross border or International transaction fees are actually charged by your bank. Many times the bank will even try to hide the fee or not claim responsibility for charging it until they are pressed. We receive many inquiries from our customers because they think they are being overcharged. This is a very difficult issue but the answer is that customers must contact their bank for additional information on these fees.

Order Modification and Cancellation

Q: I want to cancel the order as I found the same at another website at a lower price?

A: Variation in price depends on multiple factors. Please mail us the item specific link of the site where you have found the item in lesser price so that we can assist you accordingly.

Q: I want to add a new item in the current order?

A: Please place a fresh order for the item you wish to purchase

Q: I want to change the shipping address of the order as I am relocating to a different location./

A: You can surely change the Shipping Address till the item is not shipped. Please contact our Customer Service Team for the required amendment.

Q: Do you ship items globally?

A: Yes, we ship the orders to most countries of the world. We have partnered with reputed shipping firms/companies to offer our customers the best service.

Q: How do I track my order?

A: Before an order is shipped, you can login to the My Account section and view the Order Details to review its status. Once an order is shipped, we email the courier company’s name and order tracking number to you. You can visit the courier company’s website to track your order.

Q: I should have received my order by now but I haven’t. What do I do?

A: If you have the tracking information reference number and name of the courier partner), please visit the courier partner’s site and check for your order. You can call the courier partner with your reference number for clarification. If you are not happy with the information, please contact our customer service with order number and we will be happy to help you.

Q: I am going out of town. Can you expedite my order delivery?

A: We try our best to meet the requirements of our customers. If you require expedited delivery, you can raise a request for it with our Customer Support team and we will try our best to meet it. However, we cannot guarantee that it can be expedited.

Q: What is billing address?

A: The address where you receive your card statement details is called Billing Address.

Q: What is shipping address?

A: The address where your orders are delivered is called the Shipping Address.

Q: Can Billing Address and Shipping Address be different?

A: Yes, you can give different addresses according to your convenience.

Q: How safe is my order during transit?

A: We operate with all the renowned logistics companies and the delivery of your items is completely secure.
Custom Duty

Q: What do you mean by Custom Duty charges?

A: Custom Duty charges are a tax levied on import of goods by the custom authorities of your respective country to raise revenue. Mainly, custom duty is levied on the value of goods or upon the weight, dimensions or some other criteria of the item. These vary from country to country, and even from item to item. This is applicable to customers outside India.

Q: Why do we have to pay Custom Duty charges?

A: Every time when an item crosses an international border from one country to another, it is subject to these charges by the importing country rules and regulations. Charges such as Custom or Import Duties, VAT, Local Sales Tax, Clearance charges are not in our, or any seller’s, control, but are determined by your local government.
This is applicable to customers outside India.

Q: I was not charged a Custom Duty on my previous orders, then why now?

A: We have no control over these charges and cannot predict where they will occur. Every time when an item crosses an international border from one country to another it is subject to these charges by the importing country rules and regulations. The charges may vary according to the rules of different countries depending on item, item value, quantity, end use, materials or methods used to make the item, discretion and work load of the duty officer etc. If you are in any doubt, you are encouraged to check with your country custom office.

Q: How much Custom Duty will I be charged?

A: There are different rates of duty for different goods imported from certain countries in terms of bilateral or other agreement with such countries which are called preferential rate of duties the duty may be percentage of the value of the goods or at specified rate. The rate of customs duty applicable will be as provided in Customs Act, subject to exemption notifications, if any, applicable.

Q: I have paid the shipping charges then why am I being asked to pay more?

A: Shipping cost is something which you have paid us to ship the item to you. All Alofany products are shipped on CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) prepaid basis. If the courier delivery person tries to collect shipping charges from you please do not pay and contact us. But VAT/custom taxes and import duties must be paid directly by the buyer to the courier agency. VAT / Custom Taxes and Import Duties are not included in our ordering process, but may be charged to you by your government.

Q: Why am I being informed about the Custom Duty charges now?

A: We have a list of countries where these charges may occur and we always send an automated email to all our customers once the order is placed informing them about the charges so that they will be aware of these charges at the time of receiving the delivery.

Q: I have returned the item back to you and want a full refund. I had paid for the custom duty as well so will you refund that amount to me?

A: In such cases, we request you to please email at We will assist you further.

Returns and Exchange

Q: I received an item which is defective, please help.

A: We request you to email us the photographs of the item received highlighting the defect so we can assist you with the solution as soon as possible.

Q: There is a slight variation in the item color. I want to return it. How can I do it?

A: We believe that all the customers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor will be slightly different as compared to the actual outfits or accessories ordered. Again, if you still wish to return the item, email us at along with the images so that our team can check and can assist you further.

Q: Can I modify my order after it has been placed?

A: Yes, you can modify the order subject to the processing stage of the item.

Q: How will I receive my refund?

A: For cancelled orders, the refund is issued via the same mode of payment that was used to place the order. For example, if you had made the payment for the order using your Visa or MasterCard Credit Card, refund for the cancelled order will be issued to the same credit card.
Privacy Policy

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: We value your privacy and your details are absolutely secure with us. While taking your order we collect only the basic information that is required and that information is absolutely safe with us. Read our Privacy Policy.
Wholesale Orders

Q: Do you accept wholesale orders?

A: We do accept wholesale orders, we request you to email us at with your inquiry, and we will get back to you.
Need assistance with something specific? Write to us, our Customer Support Team will be happy to assist you.